Passing of Mom

My mom has requested a family picture to be taken at her 95th birthday this August.  She specifically requested that all her grandchildren to be there plus her great grandchild.  However, she passed on the morning of June 4th, Sunday.  Gus and I flew to Toronto to attend her funeral.  Praise the Lord that Gus officiated her funeral in a Christian service.  I was most thankful when I saw my mom lying there peacefully and a golden cross was put on the inside of the lid of the coffin.  My mom received Jesus as her Lord and was baptised two and a half years ago.  Her faith was apparent to all.  I experienced a deep sense of peace because I know that she is in the Father’s eternal embrace.

When we arrived in Toronto in preparation of her funeral and were meeting my sister and brother at the funeral home.  My sister told me that my mom has been taken by the angels when she died.  Knowing that my sister is not a Christian, I asked her why she said that.  She told me that the night before my mom died, she was sitting in her room waiting for the nurses to come to lift her into her bed after she has finished all her bedtime routine.   Next door, a women happened to be visiting the elderly person there.  Suddenly she heard my Mom shouted in a loud voice.  Fearing that my Mom may have sustained a fall, she hurried to my Mom’s room.  She said she saw my mom sitting in her wheelchair with both hands clutching her head looking at the tv/window direction.  My mom was saying very loudly in English.  She said She was happy yesterday and she is happy today.  Seeing that my mom was okay, she returned to the room next door.  That night my Mom died peacefully in her sleep.  She did not pressed on the call button and we assumed that she did not suffer at all.  Two days after when my sister returned to mom’s room to collect mom’s belongings, the women who happened to be visiting again next door came to tell her about the incident.  She said she had to tell my sister what happened because she learned of my mother’s death.  I believed my mom must have seen a vision.  I also told my sister that God has particularly wanted her to hear about this incident.  She told me that although she is not a Christian, she prays for Mom.  I told her that hopefully one day, she would be a true Christian.  This was the first time that I was able to speak to her directly about her search for God.

The last time I saw my mom, I held her hands and prayed with her.  The picture below was taken right after and then we said goodbye.161121 Toronto visit 08

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