A lot richer

Friends, I have been busy with my new job!  If you have been following my postings, you would know that God provided me with this job. It is amazing that a co-worker has come by to tell me that my room is the smallest classroom in the whole school.  Hallelujah!  God already knew that this classroom is most suitable for me to help me with my hearing.

My life in London has made me richer in a lot of ways.  Coming in contact with different cultures is awesome.  Did I tell you that none of my thirty students is English.  They are all immigrants from other parts of Europe and the middle east, plus India and Pakistan.  I have been learning the greetings of these different countries as my students greet me every morning in their own language when I take the register.  The curriculum that I am teaching is more complex and richer than what I taught in Canada.  So far I have learned about castles, synagogues, mosques, Florence Nightingale and the great fire of London.  My co-workers come mostly from India and during different celebrations, I have the opportunity to taste homemade Indian food.  As classroom teacher, my skills are honed and I feel like that I am learning everyday which is fantastic.  I never thought that life could be this colourful.  I am so rich!

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