Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my friends!  We just got back from a fellowship meeting where we counted down the new year together.  After dinner, we shared on counting our blessings and everyone shared one thing about our relationship with God this year.  Then, we watched BBC countdown at the London eye for the last 5 minutes before midnight.

I miss my children big time.  It must be the holiday season.  I wish I could hug the boys and ruffle their hairs.  I wish I could give Sarah Anne a huge hug and smell her in my arms.

If you have read my other posts, you knew that I have got a job that God has tailor made for me.  Before the end of the term, another teacher who comes in to my room to substitute told me that she thought my room was too tight.  I found out from her that my classroom is the smallest one in the school.  Praise God! He knows it and have saved the room for me!

My big wish for the new year is not to lose focus of my calling here in London especially when my school job gets tough.  I have told the sisters that they are welcome to call me in the evening.

I will be teaching Sunday School  Jan 22.  I have spent time preparing for this when I was not working.  I will be teaching about “Prayer”, a basic discipline needed for a mature Christian life.

Well, still no news on any flat available in the area.  I hope to stay near the Harrow town centre so that it will be convenient for brothers and sisters to use our flat as a meeting place especially for the women fellowship.  It will also be a Sunday School classroom.  Our lease will be up at the end of March.

Here’s wishing you my friends a very blessed 2017, filled with joy and peace!

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