It was Him, not me.

It is God’s will that I am teaching again.  Since coming to London eleven months ago, I have applied for 18 jobs in sectors of charity work and others.  Only two interviews which amounted to nothing.  Since a month ago I have been completing my application for teaching jobs through an agency.  The agency basically screened everything and then they will get their share of commission once work goes through for me.  The process went smoothly and I have been on supply teaching ever since.  One week ago, I had a trial teaching day where I have to teach a lesson for 40 minutes and get evaluated, followed by a formal interview.  This is for a possible contract from January to July.  I thought I did well and it was miraculous that I can hear the students as I interacted with them in the classroom.  The formal interview was very hard and I tried my best to answer the questions.  I told Gus after that I did not think I have a chance.  One hour after the interview, they called the agency and said that they hired me.  I know that  the Lord has made this happened because I did so bad in the interview.  God wants me to know that it’s Him, not me. For those of you that do not know that I have a moderately severe hearing loss, this is totally out of my expectation to return to teaching in a classroom since I left one six years ago. ( I have been a special education teacher for five years and by the grace of God, the students came in groups of five to sit right in front of me so that I can hear them).

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