An enriching outing

We had an enriching Sabbath activity earlier today to the British Library.  The Library is so much more than just a place for reading and researching.  The British are very generous in their educational endeavours.  All museums and libraries are free of charge.  We made the trip today with the three members of the Cantonese career group.  We want to encourage them so we have been with them for the past two meetings.  They are diligently  studying the Beatitudes with a study guide of John Stott.  We are very impressed with the seriousness they have put into the Bible studies.

We were going to see the “Treasures”, the books of all books housed in one of the rooms of the British Library.  We were astonished to see the earliest manuscript of the New Testament, Codex Sinaiticus.  There’s also the first printed Bible, fittingly named the Gutenberg Bible.  We also saw Jane Austen’s writing desk which was surprising small.  It probably was a desk top version of a writing pad. Laid on top was her spectacles and its holder.  One of her manuscripts displayed perfect penmanship.  In addition, we saw the manuscripts of some of the Beatles songs.  We saw the scribbling of John Lennon at the back of his son’s birthday card.  We were amazed at the first manuscript of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus.  The big music names such as Mozart, Bach, Chopin, and Beethoven were there for all to see with their squiggly music masterpieces.  Among other things that we can find there are, the Magna Carter, Churchill’s letter,  Galileo’s theories of the universe, one of the early version of the Koran, and Fleming’s notebook for the first production of Penicillin.  These brilliant minds have left behind their legacy, what kind of a legacy do we want to leave behind?  Perhaps  “Be faithful and true to the glorious King, our Lord Jesus Christ!”

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