Fresh faces!

Last night at Brunel University, we welcomed about 30 new international students to the on campus Chinese Christian fellowship.  It brought back a lot of memories back when we were international students.  The leadership team this year is very united and has put forth a lot of efforts in inviting the newcomers.  School does not start till September 26 and only international students are required to be on campus this week.  We started with a Chinese meal of fried noodles, roast pork, veggies and rice.  Unbelievably, one of the girls cried (real tears of joy) when she saw the roast pork.  She admitted that it is her favourite food and she was not counting on eating it so soon here in the UK.  Chinese foods has always been an attraction for campus meetings and this is no exception.  We had eight tables set up with delicious Chinese snacks such as peanuts (those that are in their shells), sunflower seeds, butter cookies, peanut candies, mooncakes, salted fried broad beans in shells, and wasabi beans.  Our main topic was to introduce to them life in London. I had the pleasure of listening in on several lively exchanges.  Most of them came from wealthy families who are able to afford the high tuition and cost of living here.  We have planned in the next five weeks interesting topics to help them integrate into campus life.  Our hope is that they will be willing to build a relationship with us so that we will have a chance to show God’s love and to lead them to Christ.

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