A season for everything

My visa was declined in mid-August after waiting for almost three months.  We were a bit surprised by the outcome.  We have been considering different strategies about what steps to take next.  The most likely one is to reapply as this facilitates the shortest amount of waiting time.  We will trust God for His perfect timing.

We have planned from way before that Gus and I plus Philip and Sarah Anne would all meet up in London and we will travel together to neighbouring countries to make awesome memories.  Well, Gus and Philip left on August 1.  Sarah Anne and I travelled to Copenhagen to meet up for the trip.  We did not want to enter UK with a travel visa as this is too sensitive and may hinder reapplication.  We visited friends in Gotenborg, Sweden and was amazed at how freely we shared as if we have not been apart for 8 years.  It was such a blessing to go with them to church and see some brothers and sisters still faithfully serving.  Then we went on to Paris.  Sarah Anne enjoyed the historic places in Paris because she learned about the French Revolution, Napolean…  Also we went to the Louvre museum and we saw the “Mona Lisa”.  We enjoyed the sculpture and paintings which we learned in school.  Sarah Anne could not believe that she was able to go in free (under 18)!

I flew back home to Edmonton last night and felt a bit awkward since I have prepared myself to think that London is my home.  It is also awkward because I do not have to go back to work.  I have started a new routine this morning by brisk walking the neighbourhood for 30 minutes. Why? I felt tired when I was doing a lot of walking in the Europe trip.  I really have to get healthy physically so that I will be able to serve the Lord better.  What am I going to do with the extra time on my hands?  I am planning to get the paper work and documents out of the way for the reapplication, then I will start making preparations for Sunday School classes.  We trust that there is a season for everything.  A time to go and a time to stay.  A time to proceed and a time to wait.

One thought on “A season for everything

  1. God never moves without purpose or plan! His time is always the best. I am sure that He is Jehovah Jireh, our provider. We will keep your visa reapplication in our prayers.


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